giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

Vintage people love clubbing in Florence

Welcome to the Vintage selection n.17.
The most important vintage's event of the year in Florence.

After looking around eyewear's exposition and felt in love with a 70's headband, it's time to have some drink..and other fun togheter around this beautiful and creative city.
I know some places in Florence.. (this is my third/last year at university.. so now I'm not only a tousist in here)..
Mmm.. let me thinking..
Now we go dinner near the "Ponte vecchio" in a restaurant/open bar called "Golden View"..

..and we finished the night-out drinking to "MILK".
have a lot of fun in here... Unruly drinks some milk and going crazy.. :)

finally ..the outfit of the day that I've posted on LookBook.


4 commenti:

  1. Well.. I have few memories of that night after drinking the "MILK" of the famous Korova Milk Bar. but I remember, perfectly, that I became crazy and happy .. so happy!!!!!

  2. This is all so lovely!


  3. passa da me se ti va, c'è un giveaway con in palio un accessorio molto carino :-)
    un bacionee

  4. I like the "vintage" touch and inspiration...
    nice pictures :)