mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

Hi there! New London Basement

New adventure started. I' m in London for looking for a job in here. In only 2 weeks, lots of things happened and I' m so excited to be here. I knew london but now I live here and I'm not a casual visitor anymore. No time for turist tours or something.. I spend my days on interviews around the city and I hope to find a job (casual or a real job as well) asap. I met lots of interesting people in these past days and I actually live at Stefy's home. She's a fashion designer and she has opened her new studio just yesterday. Lots of vintage mixed with her personal style. That's SDG EAST LONDON. Lots of attention to the details and for the quality of her items. So confortable, so easy to dress. I love her style cause she so amazing to mix the urban style of the londoners with a smart-brillant-high quality italian handmade. I wanna give you the link of her blog. 
Here it comes --->
Just take a look and let me know what you really think about that.
You can find SDG EAST LONDON at the Spitalfield Market. Just remember this brand.

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