venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Muse of the day. Emma Roberts in Thigh-Highs


Basta riuscire ad evitare l’effetto bambola/scolaretta. che, ovviamente fa cadere nel cattivo gusto. Ma indossate con un paio di Jeffrey Campbell (magari non il modello scontato delle Lita) e uno shorts versione scruffy sono l’ideale. Sono le parigine. Sexy (ma non troppo). Emma insegna. Che ne pensate? Per me ho scelto il modello classico nero e altre due paia, complete di fiocchino, grigio scuro e beige.

“Just being able to avoid the effect "school-doll-girl”. that obviously does fall into bad taste. But worn with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell (perhaps not a model of Lita) and a version scruffy shorts are amazing. They are Thigh-Highs. Sexy (but not too much). Emma teaches. What do you think? For me I chose the classic black and two other pairs, complete with a ribbon, dark grey and beige.”




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  1. ha una classe pazzesca questa ragazza! Parigine semplicemente divine sulle sue gambe! Approvo :)

    Passa da me se ti va!


  2. Love this!! She's soo stylish! Thigh highs are awesome, she totally pulls it off!

    I'm following & I'd love if you could follow back! :)

  3. Love her style, great shoes :) I really like your blog and I following ofc :) if you want check my:
    big kiss from Poland;*

  4. Those shoes are great. and nice blog. Check mine out and let me know whether you like to follow each other.

  5. super-cool! I love thigh-highs :) thanks for sharing!

  6. thanks to you Aleksandra for comment me :D

  7. This is such a cute look I love her leopard shoes so muuch x

  8. mmmm very nice shoes :D

    check my new post :) if you have a time :)